Wella SP Balance Scalp Shampoo 1ltr


Hair type: normal Designed for dry and sensitive scalp Moisturizes hair and improves compatibility Leaves hair feeling supple and soft Very easy to use and gives a long-lasting effect Suitable for daily hair Wash

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System professional nourish the scalp with System professional balance Shampoo, designed to care for and soothe a dry and sensitive scalp. This moisturising shampoo contains the exclusive dermacalm complex, which relaxes the scalp and helps it build up its protective barrier. This dry scalp Shampoo moisturises the hair and scalp without drying it further, thanks to a gentle surfactant system and calming ingredients. The result is a healthy and resilient scalp. Comes in a 1-litre bottle. Box Contains SP Balance Scalp Shampoo Scalp Shampoo


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