Regal Selson Soothing Anti-Dandruff Shampoo


Dermatologically tested. Strengthens the hair, immediately softens the dry scalp and itching. It helps to eliminate dandruff and the reasons for its appearance. The combination of bisabolol and green tea extract softens, gives energy, health and shine to the hair. As a result, your hair becomes soft, elastic, lively and free of dandruff.

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With its special formula, this shampoo not only strengthens the hair but relieves the scalp and reduces dandruff up to 100%. Selenium sulfide active ingredient (1%), helps eliminate dandruff and the reasons of its appearance, immediately stops irritation and has calming and anti-itchy effects on the irritated scalp. Gently cleanses and refreshes hair leaving it soft and elastic. The combination of caffeine and PP vitamin calms, gives energy and shine to your hair. As a result, your hair is soft, stretchy, vivid and dandruff free. Indications All Hair types


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