NODE G Shampoo 400ml | Gently Cleans – Regulates Sebum Production | Oily Hair, Oily Scalps


PURIFYING SHAMPOO: specially designed for hair and oily scalps, Node G Shampoo gently cleanses, regulates oil production and cleanses the scalp. The lubrication is delayed, the hair is softer and lighter. High Tolerance: Sodium Laureth Sulfate and Paraben Free Nodde G. High-tolerance shampoo does not irritate the eyes. It respects the balance of the hair and scalp, so it contains soft, non-delipidant cleansing bases. Clinical signs: for daily use, NODE G shampoo contains anti-static cleaning agents that provide light and flexibility to the hair. With Node, BIODERMA invented in 1977, Non-Detergent shampoos to protect sensitive scalps. Today, Node is a benchmark in dermatology in the treatment of dandruff conditions. Based on absolute respect for the skin, BIODERMA products imitate its natural organic mechanisms, in their components and in their way of action. For their formulation, BIODERMA selects the purest active ingredients, molecules already present naturally in the skin for better tolerance.

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NOn-Detergence Principle: Like all Node shampoos, Node G is formulated with soft, non-lipidating cleansing bases to respect the biological balance of the hair and scalp for optimal tolerance. Indications Oily hair.


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