Klorane Blond Highlights Shampoo with Chamomile (400ml)


Thanks to the extract of chamomile klorane contained in the gentle emulsifying base of this shampoo, the hair lightens Format 400 ml

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Action: Dedicated to the whole family, this shampoo washes and gently detangles it. The hair glows naturally and regains softness and splendor. Paraben free – Silicone free. Application: For natural blonde hair, with meches, dyed, bleached. Only one application is enough then rinse. Proven Efficacy: Hair glows with golden reflections: 90% satisfaction The hair is silky and detangles easily: 94% satisfaction (*) Use test on 64 people Advice and precautions from your pharmacist: For greater effectiveness, also use the other products of the ritual golden reflections Ingredients {INGREDIENTS}


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