Head Shoulders Condi Deep Hydration, 220 ml, 8001841407463


Intensely hydrating conditioner with coconut oil moisturizes your hair and scalp with coconut fragrance lasting Derma amp; Pure formula enriched with micronutrients, lipids and antioxidants creates a lightweight finish and frizz control Formulated without unwanted ingredients: 0% phosphates, paraffin 0%, 0% dyes pH-balanced formula developed by experts to take care of your hair and scalp For beautiful and up to 100% dandruff free hair (visible dandruff, with regular use)

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Apple Fresh anti-dandruff shampoo cleanses the hair effectively for a fresh feeling and a lasting apple fragrance. Advanced Derma amp; Pure formula packs a effective itchy, oily and dry scalp is to stop dandruff to these visible. Apple Fresh Shampoo is designed to hydrate your hair and scalp and keep up to 100% dandruff free to (visible dandruff, with regular use).


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