Guhl Solid Shampoo – Nature – For All Hair Types – Hair Damage and Gives Healthy Shine – Contents: 75 g, Pack of 1


Contents: 75 g – with organic borage oil – recyclable packaging – twice as economical as a conventional shampoo Rich and pampering foam – repairs hair damage – nourishes the hair with moisture Gives hair healthy shine and suppleness Organic borage oil is valued in Europe for its regenerating properties – rich in vitamins and antioxidants Experience the Guhl feeling – dermatologically tested

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Guhl Nature Repair – Suitable for all hair types // The Guhl Nature Repair Shampoo has been specially developed for stressed and damaged hair and supports the natural repair process of the hair. The highly effective repair formula with organic borage oil repairs existing hair damage, nourishes the hair with moisture and gives it a healthy shine and softness in the long term. Full of vitamins and antioxidants, the solid shampoo gives intensive care and at the same time protects the environment and nature. // Guhls solid shampoos are packaged in recyclable packaging completely without plastic. But not only the packaging is environmentally friendly, the shampoo itself is 95% biodegradable. For this purpose, solid shampoo is twice as productive as a conventional shampoo. A good choice in nature! Box contents: 1 x solid shampoo, 75 ml. Use: foam the solid soap in your hand and wash the hair as usual by distributing the shampoo evenly and gently massaging in. Then rinse the hair with water as usual and let it air dry. With its foaming texture, Guhl Solid Shampoo lasts up to 38 washes, depending on hair length and applications. Experience the Guhl Feeling // Over 70 years ago, the hair stylist and company founder Gustav Guhl already had the vision to design products for every hair needs. Guhl has remained true to his preference for natural, high-quality and purest ingredients. The result is effective product innovations that make the passion in product development in application and effect. As the hair is as individual as you are, it also needs special care. Guhl has the right shampoo for every hair needs.


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