Guhl Scalp Sensitive Shampoo – 250 ml – Mild Care for Sensitive Scalp – White Tea Watermint


Hair shampoo for itchy, sensitive and dry hair The sensitive shampoo gently cleanses and nourishes particularly mildly Relaxes and relieves dry scalp for a pleasant feeling of hair Watermint instantly soothes and soothes for visibly healthier hair White tea protects against harmful environmental influences Dermatologically tested, silicone and paraben-free

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A balanced head for a balanced day. The Guhl scalp sensitive shampoo is the first choice for dry, sensitive or itchy scalp. It gently cleanses and nourishes particularly mild for a pleasant and soothing skin feeling. The mild water mint soothes the scalp and hairline and relieves discomfort. In addition to the immediate effect of water mint, the white tea provides long-lasting and lasting protection against damaging environmental influences that demand head and hair. The formula with Derma-Balance complex pampers the scalp to the depth and ensures a pleasant long-lasting hair feeling. Application: gently massage the shampoo into wet hair and rinse well. Guhl shampoos are particularly productive. Just a small amount is sufficient. As an optimal care supplement, we recommend the long-term volume range by Guhl. Box contents: 1 x shampoo, 250 ml, experience the Guhl feeling, over 70 years ago, the hairstylist and company founder Gustav Guhl already had the vision to design products for every hair needs. Guhl has remained true to his preference for natural, high-quality and purest ingredients. The result is effective product innovations that make the passion in product development in application and effect. As the hair is as individual as you are, it also needs special care. Guhl has the right shampoo for every hair need. // Address manufacturer/importer // Pfungsädter Str. 98, D-64297 Darmstadt


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