Grass Life New Cap antiforforfora Shampoo – 250 ml


Specific for oily and dry dandruff Enriched with plant extracts of Myrtle and grapefruit extremely sensitive counteract dandruff and purifies the in depth; with its base, Emulsifier, relieves itching, related problems of dandruff Hyaluronic Acid, prebiotici, Myrtle and grapefruit Apply the product on damp hair, frizionare and leave a few minutes; rinse with plenty of water

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Shampoo aniforfora with Myrtle and grapefruit, purifying and refreshing. Formulated with surfactants of plant origin, the new shampoo cap antiforfora cleanses gently restoring the natural hydration and softness of the hair. The presence of prebiotici odds and strengthens the scalp, while the ristruttura Hyaluronic Acid and protects the fibre of the hair. Thanks to its base emulsifier extremely delicate, relieves itching, related to the problems of dandruff. Its unique formula allows you to restore well-being and shine to hair, without weakening the capillary fibre and respecting its natural defences.


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