Fantasia IC 100% Pure Tea Shampoo 473 ml


Super Rinsing with No Residue or Build-up Exuviates Flaking Skin from Dry Scalp Extricates Excessive Hair Oils Super Concentrated

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Prepares both hair and scalp for proper nourishment and further conditioning.Fantasia research introduces a totally new 100% Pure Tea shampoo base, enriched with vitamins and botanicals.A stimulating and natural approach to high tech hair care. Tea is acidic by nature, working a san astringent on hair, restoring its inborn glisten and sparkle.ON THE HAIR: One single, gentle, billowous sudsing of 100% Pure Tea Shampoo cleanses so thoroughly that it totally removes the build up of excessive oils, hair sprays, mousses and conditioners. It enhances the hair designers ability to work with the clients basic hair qualities in pursuit of todays creative hairstyles.ON THE SCALP: 100% Pure Tea Shampoo provides a super rinsing quality that exuviates the scalps dry, flaking skin and extricates build up of oils. Protects the delicate acid mantle of the scalp helping to promote healthier hair.


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