Fanola Official Re-balance Anti-Grease Shampoo 1000ml


Element display volume: 1000.0 ml

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Fanola Rebalance Anti Grease Shampoo – Against greasy hair. The Fanola Rebalance Shampoo effectively counteracts greasy hair and helps maintain the natural balance of the hair. Oily deposits on the hair structure are gently removed during application, so that the hair retains its natural shine. Fanola Rebalance Shampoo invigorates the hair. The sophisticated active ingredient complex penetrates deep into the hair structure and scalp to restore natural balance. The hair is made to shine. Scalp and hair are thoroughly cleaned with the Fanola Rebalance Shampoo. The shampoo from the Italian cosmetics manufacturer has been designed especially for scalp that suffers from excessive sebum production and therefore slightly greasy. The special care formula provides the hair with essential nutrients and is enriched with surfactants and wheat protein. Deposits and residues are removed so that the hair retains its shine. The sebum production of the scalp is restored to a healthy balance by using the hair care product. How to use: Apply to wet hair, massage thoroughly and rinse. Shampoo against greasy hair cleans the hair and the scalp formula based on wheat proteins and surfactants provides shine in the hair gives the hair elasticity. The perfect care and finish series – fashionable, young and nourishing. Fanola is the new solution for professional experts in hair care, as this product range expresses the true value of the “Made in Italy”. Passion for the product, constant activity in research and development as well as fashionable images make FANOLA a technologically advanced product line dedicated to the care and beauty of the hair. Ingredients x


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