Eco Cosmetics Jojoba Repair Shampoo – Gingko, EcoCosmetics 200 ml


Certified Organic

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Vitality and protection of the hair. Repairing shampoo for weakened hair. Smoothes scales, repairs and protects the fibre of weakened, very damaged, brittle hair. This shampoo fixes the appearance of dry or damaged hair, to restore its shine and softness. It helps protect the hair against later agressions and thus prevents the appearance of splits. Repair your hair today and protect it against future agressions! Jojoba oil, Ginkgo and Myrtle. Brand : Eco cosmetics Indications : All hair types. Characteristics : To guarantee exceptional results, Eco Cosmetics has selected only 100% natural ingredients, and uses no artificial molecules. The fragrances are also developed using only natural essential oils. New substances, such as pomegranate seed oil or olive tree leaf extract, are pure and effective, and show a high moisturising and softening power. The certification organism tolerates no pesticides, artificial fertilisers, weedkillers, GMO… Contains no…


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