Dr.Konopkas Nourishing Conditioner, 500 ml


Hair nourishing conditioner Make your hair more shiny and elastic Contains rebus chamaemorus fruit extract as an active ingredient Repairs, nourishes and strengthens dry and damaged hair 98 Percent natural origin of total

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Dr.Konopkas Nourishing Conditioner reduces appearance of visible flakes and make your hair looks shine and healthy. It contains Rubus Chamaemorus fruit extract as an active ingredient. Rich in vitamin C, it nurtures and refreshes skin and hair. It protects skin from harmful impact of high and low temperatures, helping restore and gain a good shape. Natural certified Nourishing hair care line contains Dr. Konopkas N52 special herbal hair oil certified under BDIH COSMOS Natural standard and organic cloudberry extract, which help to repair, nourish and strengthen dry and damaged hair making it more shiny and elastic. Indications Hair Nourishing


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