DOVE Intense Repair Shampoo 250 ml, Pack of 6


Deeply nourishes the hair, repair damaged hair and nourish it in depth, apply after application, your hair will be strong, repaired and sublimated Repairs and nourishes gradually, applying after application Keratin Restorative Complex enters the hair to rebuild it from inside The hair is healthy, strong and beautiful, helps to protect against future aggressions, with regular use

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Are you wondering how to repair damaged hair? We all know that sometimes hair suffers from stress and damage over time, despite our efforts. But did you know that with the appropriate care for damaged hair, you can repair them to be radiant and healthy? We have created a unique formula to visibly repair and gradually nourish damaged hair with regular use: Doves Intense Repair Shampoo. Formulated with Keratin Nutritive Complex, it deeply nourishes and helps repair even the most damaged hair. It acts immediately to repair the surface of the hair and penetrates into the heart of the hair to nourish and rebuild it from the inside. After each use, your hair is strong, repaired and sublimated.


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