Avocado Oil by Novex Conditioner 300ml


ENRICHED WITH THE GOODNESS OF AVOCADO OIL- NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner is enriched with the Goodness of Avocado Oil. Avocado oil is a Powerhouse of Vitamins, Antioxidants and Monosaturated Fats. All these nutrients help in ENHANCING the health of the hair strands from tip to the root. NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner helps hair against DRYNESS, DAMAGE and DULLNESS. SUPER HYDRATING FORMULA- NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner is made from a Super Hydrating Formula to MOISTURISE and NOURISH the Dull and Damaged hair strands. Loss of Moisture from the hair strands results in their DRYNESS, DULLNESS and FRIZZ. NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner HYDRATES your hair and Combats DRYNESS, DULLNESS and FRIZZ. LOCKS THE GOODNESS OF THE SHAMPOO- NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner locks MOISTURE and keeps your hair Hydrated for a long time after every use. It also locks the Goodness of the shampoo and leaves you with FRIZZ-FREE LUSTOUROUS hair for a longer time. * DAMAGED HAIR- Constant Heat Styling, Chemical Treatments, Hair Coloring and external factors such as Pollution and Stress damage the hair and make them DULL and LIFELESS. NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner TREATS and * your dull lifeless strands and adds STRENGTH, LUSTER and SHINE to your hair. SUITABLE FOR ALL HAIR TYPES- NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner is suitable for Every Hair Type whether curly, wavy or straight. It helps * the damaged hair and if your hair is not damaged you should still use NOVEX Avocado Oil Conditioner to RESTORE the Goodness of your hair for longer time.

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Novex Avocado Conditioner provides the hair with the nutrients it needs while locking in hydration. Enriched with Avocado oil and Honey, this conditioner is a great moisturizing enhancer by easily penetrating the hair shaft. It repairs the hair from damage and leaves it smooth and nourished. Benefits: Infused with Avocado Oil Enriched with Pure Honey Restores the hair from damage Hydrates and moisturises Provides nutrientsnbsp; Moisture Locker Nourished Hair Salt Free To use: After washing your hair with Avocado Shampoo, apply the Avocado Conditioner throughout the hair length avoiding the hair roots or scalp. Let it act fornbsp;2 minutes or more. Rinse the product thoroughly with water. Style as desired.


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