ArtNaturals Natural Beard Shampoo Wash – (8 Fl Oz/236ml) – Infused with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree and Jojoba Oil – Sulfate Free


ArtNaturals Beard Wash is formulated especially to deal with the different kind of hair that makes up beards and mustaches, which is thicker, wirier, and more prone to tangling than scalp hair. Aloe vera soothes and smoothes, and helps combat “beardruff” as germ:fighter tea tree oil uses its antiseptic power to fight redness and inflammation. Argan oil unclogs pores and deep:cleans hair follicles as jojoba oil and shea butter, both full of vitamins, restore, rejuvenate and protect facial hair. Licorice root extract targets hair loss and aids in promoting regrowth, reducing beard and stache patchy spots. ArtNaturals Beard Wash is made with premium:quality botanical ingredients, and is paraben free and cruelty free.

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Your facial hair is significantly different from the hair on your head. Thicker, more wiry in texture, it needs to be washed and cared for differently so that you look groomed, not grizzly. ArtNaturals Beard Wash is just what the bar-ber ordered. Plum full of aloe vera, tea tree and blue cypress wood oils, and rosemary extract, plus argan oil and shea butter, our Wash will soften and un-tangle your whiskers in a jiffy.Our Beard Wash takes soothing aloe vera, which promotes healthy hair growth, reduces the dreaded “beardruff,” and conditions and hydrates, and combines it with the antiseptic power of tea tree oil. Add in growth-stimulating rosemary extract and blue cypress wood oil and youve got a mild but effective cleanser that no beard can resist!Other beard benefactors include follicle friend argan oil and deep-cleaning, anti-bacterial jojoba oil. Shea butter bursts with Vitamins A and E, moisturizing beard and stache and protecting them from the suns UV rays, ocean waters salt, and pool chlorine.Borage seed oil is rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and is the richest known source of the essential fatty acid GLA (gamma-linolenic acid). This makes it a super inflammation fighter and follicle cleanser. Yet another beard booster is licorice root extract, which helps prevent hair loss and thus evens out the “patchy places.”Your beards new best buddy is our Beard Wash. For even more condi-tioning, use with ArtNaturals Beard Conditioner. Indications ArtNaturals Beard Wash is specifically formulated for the needs of facial hair. Combining aloe vera, tea tree and blue cypress wood oil, plus argan oil, shea butter and multiple other natural botanical ingredients, it gently deep cleans and moisturizes thicker and more wiry beard and mustache hair, as it fights in-flammation and aids in promoting healthy facial hair growth.


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